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Do you recall the experiments you performed in science class?

You say those experiments were helpful?

They taught you what worked and what didn’t through repetition.

Like any excellent student, you would continue using the methods that produced positive outcomes.

The ones that did the contrary would be thrown out.

Facebook marketing follows the same principles.

You should probably look into alternative sorts of material if you consistently share the same item on your Facebook page and your engagement rates are fairly low.

But you have a question:

What are some Facebook post concepts that are likely to raise the level of activity on your page?

Below is a list I’ve put up.

These suggestions ought to keep your social media calendar busy.

Look them up.

14 Facebook Post Ideas to Boost Engagement on Your Page

Use one of these concepts for Facebook posts:

1. Motivational Quotes 

Motivational Quotes
Motivational Quotes

difficulties and difficulties. They are all a part of the lives of your viewers.

To continue in business, we occasionally need to remind ourselves of fundamental facts.

People seek out positivity to feel better when times are difficult.

Why not provide that inspiration?

You may use an expert quote from the field or one of your own. Your decision!

But keep in mind:

Always choose an inspirational phrase that your target audience can relate to while sharing it.

Keep your audience and niche in mind.

2. Offer a product walkthrough 

offer a product walk through
offer a product walk through

How well-versed in your goods or services are your Facebook fans? It can be useful to walk them through your options if they are unfamiliar with your brand.

If your product line is quite modest, you might include a succinct summary or introduction for each item.

You might require a simpler strategy if your company sells dozens or even hundreds of different products. 

Focus on one aspect per post rather than attempting to provide too many details in a single Facebook post. 

You may, for instance, display every category, design, or colour that your business provides. In either case, this type of post can help people remember your company.

3. Request the followers’ votes on this or that

Asking your audience to pick between two or more options is a simple approach to start a conversation on Facebook when you want to get people talking. 

You might enquire about their preferred brand or look. Or you might go in the opposite direction and ask them which they’d want to get rid of.

This kind of content can help you build your customer community or increase interaction.

You may also use this type of post to gather unstructured market research by asking followers to select from a selection of your current or potential products.

For instance, the @CalifiaFarms Facebook post below requests that readers select one of four coffee creamer amounts for the page. 

The article sparks a lively discussion regarding coffee creamer, one of the brand’s key goods, in addition to soliciting followers’ preferences.

4. Backstage Access | Facebook Post Ideas

Sharing behind-the-scenes (BTS) images of your company on Facebook is a fantastic additional content idea

This can be done in a variety of ways. Show how things are created, introduce your staff, or use outtakes from past commercials or films.

We adore how Type form celebrated National Pet Day by going to BTS and showcasing some of their staff members’ animal friends!

Think about how your company may interact with its Facebook audience more personally by sharing original material and behind-the-scenes images or anecdotes.

5. List the benefits and drawbacks.

Listing benefits and drawbacks can provide your content the much-needed structure it needs to engage your audience, promote new goods and services, or raise awareness of already available options. 

This kind of post encourages customers to choose the best option for them, especially if they’re debating a purchase, and positions your items in a favourable light.

In order to cover all the important aspects, try concentrating on only one product or service per post. You could discuss the benefits or drawbacks of:

  • Price 
  • Quality 
  • Durability
  • Possibilities 
  • Unique advantages

For instance, the @bluebottlecoffee Facebook post that is seen below compares a new coffee-brewing apparatus to the procedure that customers are already familiar with from visiting the company’s cafés. 

By outlining the benefits of the finished product—a cup of coffee made using a French press—the post raises awareness. 

It also includes a video that walks readers through the brewing process.

6. Share story | Facebook Post Ideas

Make an effort to know your audience. A wonderful method to engage your Facebook fans on a deeper level is by sharing tales. 

And the length of your tale will depend on how modest your company is.

This is a fantastic illustration of a solo preneur’s tale whose business revolves around her personal brand.

There are different approaches to make this work for almost any firm, even though these kinds of businesses do make it simpler to become personal with storytelling.

Share your own story of how your company was founded, the challenging aspects of running a business, or even just let your social media manager be themselves and have fun in their profession (to a point).

7. Offer a Quick Win | Facebook Post Ideas

Your target market might occasionally be intrigued by your company and willing to make a buy. However, they are unable to figure out where to begin, which prevents them from converting.

Perhaps your target audience is stumped as to what cuisine they would prepare with your culinary apparatus. 

Or it’s possible that they don’t know how to use your skincare product in their routine. A super-simple starting guide or some quick tips can help things fall into place.

An oat latte can be made in just two easy steps, as seen in the Facebook post from @SilkUS below. 

Customers are encouraged to check out the brand’s oat goods by an 8-second video that is included in the article and shows how simple it is to use them.

8. Request ideas from others

It can seem illogical to do this.

However, there are occasions when asking what they want or need is the ideal method to create content that people will adore.

What subject would you like to see us discuss next week? Is an example of an open-ended question you may post.

You could be surprised by what people say.

Create a poll if you want your audience to select from a range of options. Utilise their comments to produce content you can post to Facebook.

9. Display a Before-and-After | Facebook Post Ideas

Showing your audience the difference they can make is another method to illustrate how your goods and services may benefit them. 

You may make an impactful visual for your audience by comparing before-and-after pictures side by side.

Consider the end result that your audience is hoping to obtain. The ideal outcome for a kitchen appliance might be a delicious supper on the table with lots of time to spend with family. 

The “after” image for a business coach can be a snapshot of the profits a client made following a series of appointments.

For instance, this concept is modified in the Facebook post below from @BobbiBrown.

The photographs draw interest by displaying a model before and after applying skincare. The outstanding outcomes a test group saw after using the brand’s skincare product are then quantified in the caption.

10.  Respond to a couple of FAQs

Respond to a couple of FAQs

There’s a strong possibility you get a lot of repeat inquiries, regardless of what your company sells. 

It can be useful to include these queries in your article, even though you may already have stored replies set up to reply to comments and direct messages quickly.

Giving your viewers value with this kind of post is simple. After all, providing the information they have been seeking can help them make a decision and save time. 

This type of material also provides a fantastic opportunity to emphasise the distinctive qualities of your goods or services.

Customers of the natural goods company frequently ask, “Why do I smell when using natural deodorant,” as seen in this @bitetoothpastebits Facebook post, for instance.

Before going into detail about how to handle the situation and contrasting the company’s natural products with alternatives, the graphics give a brief response to the inquiry.

11. Blog entries | Facebook Post Ideas

blog entires
blog entires

Sharing your blog content increases interaction on your Facebook page in addition to increasing traffic to your website.

But do you copy and paste the link to your blog article like the majority of people do?

Stay active. Give your Facebook post a personal touch.

Before deciding whether to click through to your blog, they read your description.

For your Facebook post description, try these innovative techniques:

Extract a thought-provoking quote from your blog entry.

Emojis can add personality to your text. Emojis aid in capturing the tone of your brand.

Pose a compelling query regarding your blog post.

Use one of the screenshots you used in your blog article as the image for the Facebook post description if you did so.

12. Emphasise Content Related to Other Interests of Your Customers

Emphasis content related to other interests of your customers
Emphasis content related to other interests of your customers

Your company, your staff, your goods, and your customers will likely be the main subjects of the majority of the information you post on your company’s Facebook page. 

However, it’s also a smart idea to produce content about subjects that interest your audience, even if they have nothing to do with your company.

For instance, the growth of edible herbs in the kitchen is covered in this @SheetsLaundryClub Facebook post. 

Customers of the eco-friendly, sustainability-focused company are interested in the subject even though the laundry detergent brand doesn’t sell it.

13. Highlight a Customer or Supplier

Highlight a customer or supplier
Highlight a customer or supplier

Why not elaborate on how your company has benefited a customer by using the “before-and-after” concept? You may create a video to highlight your client or share a portion of a case study.

As an alternative, think about highlighting a partner or vendor who is crucial to your company. 

This kind of post is perfect for expressing gratitude to the companies you partner with and providing an inside look at your brand.

For instance, the farm that supplied the business’s most recent coffee supply is highlighted in the Facebook post from @IntelligentsiaCoffee below. 

The graphic shows the just released product being brewed, while the message praises the farm’s award-winning coffee.

14. Emphasise Causes Your Customers Care About

Emphasise causes your customer care about
Emphasise causes your customer care about

Does your company support charitable causes, donate to causes, or assist regional organisations?

A fantastic method to show them extra appreciation and make your company’s ideals clear is to feature them on your company’s Facebook page.

For instance, the text overlay on the @whollyveggie Facebook photo below pays attention to the “upcycled crust” of the cheese sticks. 

The brand’s collaboration with @OutcastMission, a group devoted to reducing food waste by recycling rejected produce and assisting it to avoid the landfill, is described in the caption.


Once you’ve figured out how to customise these post concepts for your company, you may reuse them each month. 

You can efficiently develop Facebook material for months to come if you stick with the same broad calendar style while including fresh trends, causes, offers, and UGC.

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