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For e-commerce companies, Instagram is a fantastic marketing tool.

You can use Instagram Hashtags to advertise your most recent products, attract new clients, and directly interact with your existing followers.

You can see why it’s so potent when you consider those possibilities and the fact that there are more than a billion active users each month.

However, it’s imperative that you make use of one crucial feature—Instagram hashtags—whether you use Instagram for personal purposes or want to utilize it for company marketing.

You can use this simple tactic to broaden your influence and influencers.

What is the best way to locate Instagram hashtags?

What is the best way to locate Instagram hashtags?

Regardless of how adept you are at using social media, finding the ideal Instagram hashtags can be difficult.

And that’s precisely why this piece was written. We’ll explain how Instagram hashtags function today and walk you through the steps you need to take to locate the best Instagram hashtags for likes on your own post.

You’ll have all the knowledge you need to use Instagram hashtags to increase your following and interaction when you read this article’s conclusion.

You can also use the lists of the best Instagram hashtags for likes we’ve compiled by searching the web, which are available for viewing at the bottom of this page.

What does a hashtag mean?

What does a hashtag mean?

A word, phrase, or acronym with the pound sign (#) before it is referred to as a hashtag. If you tap or click on a hashtag on a social media platform, all of the posts on that platform that contain that hashtag will be displayed.

This makes it simple for users to categorize their material and locate certain content in the large sea of social media messages. On the most widely used social media sites, such as:






Why use hashtags on Instagram?

Why use hashtags on Instagram?

Even if other social media platforms allow for the use of hashtags, Twitter and Instagram are the ones where it matters the most.Some of the many benefits of using hashtags on Instagram are listed below.

extend your horizons.Due to the fact that users can find your Instagram posts, Reels, and Stories using hashtags, you have multiple opportunities to reach a larger audience.

Boost participation. Instagram posts with hashtags see an increase in engagement of 12.6% compared to posts without. According to another source, 29%.

Develop a following. By enabling you to be found by niche audiences, hashtags help you obtain more Instagram followers—high-quality followers with the potential to become customers..

Strengthen your brand: Hashtags have a part in expressing your brand voice and even developing trust, from sponsored hashtags that promote user-generated content to just flat-out humorous hashtags that serve only aesthetic objectives.

Instagram hashtag usage guidelines

Instagram hashtag usage guidelines

A story may contain up to 10 hashtags, while a normal post may contain up to 30. Your caption or comment won’t post if you try to add more.

The fact that Instagram allows for so many hashtags, however, does not obligate you to use them. For any given business, or even for each post published by the same firm, there is no perfect number of hashtags.

According to general consensus, 11 hashtags is a good number to start with. On Instagram, however, the most common range to use is 3 to 5.

To find out what works best for your specific firm, you’ll need to conduct some testing.

Popular Instagram hashtag types

1. Hashtags for locations

Hashtags for locations

Using a location-specific hashtag, such as #londoneats or #vancouvercraftbeer, can be a smart move even if you geotag your Instagram photo.

2. Everyday hashtags

Everyday hashtags

There are numerous hashtags for each day, ranging from #MondayBlues to #SundayFunday. If you’re seeking for a simple source of hashtags to add to your posts, we’ve produced a comprehensive list of daily hashtags from which you can choose.

3. Hashtags for relevant phrases

Hashtags for relevant phrases

These hashtags combine features of hashtags for products, hashtags for niches, and hashtags for communities. They essentially consist of hashtags like #amwriting or #shewhowanders that Instagram users use to interact with pre-existing communities in a covert manner.

4. Hashtags for emoji

Hashtags for emoji

Emojis can be used as hashtags by themselves, such as #????, or they can be added to words or phrases, such as #sunglasses????

Another excellent choice for businesses on Instagram are branded hashtags. Later in this piece, we’ll go into greater detail on those.

5. Hashtags for products or services

Hashtags for products or services

Basic keywords like “handbag” or “diving bar” might be used to describe your good or services.

Why should Use hashtags?

1. Receive More likes

Receive More likes

Instagram users who are interested in a certain subject are probably going to look for relevant hashtags.

Therefore, incorporating Instagram hashtags into your content gives you the opportunity to expose your posts to a targeted audience

(i.e., those who are most likely to hit the heart button). Discovering the finest Instagram hashtags for likes is a fantastic idea because of this.

2. Obtain more supporters

Obtain more supporters

One of the best strategies to increase your Instagram following is by using relevant hashtags. By extending your audience, hashtags help more people find your work.

They’re likely to follow your account if the stuff you post is pertinent to them. Any owner of an online store should take advantage of this chance to promote their products and brand to potential customers.

3. Increase sales

Increase sales

Instagram hashtags have many purposes other than just increasing your online presence. 

While this is a useful result of using Instagram hashtags, you can also increase your sales by incorporating them into your plan for publishing on Instagram,

especially if you locate some of the most popular Instagram hashtags in your industry. When promoting gym clothing, for instance, you may attract visitors eager to purchase items linked to this content by using hashtags like #gym fashion and #workoutinstyle.

4. Get motivated

Get motivated

You may follow hashtags on Instagram. This implies that you can follow any community or subject that you are enthusiastic about.

Similar to how you can follow an Instagram individual, you can follow a hashtag. You can see updates from the hashtag you’re interested in on your Instagram feed by simply searching for it and following it.

For some of the popular Instagram hashtags that we’ve provided later in this post as examples, we advise doing this.

5. Follow the progress of your Instagram hashtags

Follow the progress of your Instagram hashtags

Instagram just offered the capability for you to evaluate the efficacy of the hashtags you employ. The number of views or impressions on your content will help you with this. Instagram Insights can be used to gauge the success of your hashtag campaigns on Instagram if you have a company presence there.

To Access The Top Posts, Try This Hashtag Formula

To Access The Top Posts, Try This Hashtag Formula

Tenacious Instagram users strive to have their posts listed in the coveted Top Posts section.

When you tap Explore and enter the hashtag you’re looking up, Top Posts are the ones that are up.

It’s difficult but possible to get there, and I want to provide you with one strategy for doing so.

To give you some background, Instagram has long been my interest. In 2017, I launched my own personal brand and travel-focused Instagram account,

justanotherOKday, and I began to explore strategies to increase my engagement and following.

I learned that Facebook has a huge selection of support groups for Instagram. I joined every group that attracted my attention in order to see what resources other people were utilizing and to test out various tactics.

For my Instagram Business Account, the following hashtag formula worked best.

By using hashtags carefully, I significantly increased my chances of being featured among the Top Posts in a year, and hashtag impressions alone increased by 200 times.

The method I employed for my social media approach is as follows:

Industry (1) + content hashtag (1) Branded hashtag (1) Location hashtag (1)

26 judiciously chosen hashtags

• Use of several hashtags (6)

• less-intense hashtags (20)

The most often used hashtags are those with a high density. Because new posts constantly add these hashtags, ranking for them becomes much tougher. If you only use high-density hashtags, it will make it more difficult for people to find your content.

On the other hand, local communities generate low-density hashtags.It will be simpler for them to rank in Top Posts because there is less competition.

Using extremely popular, high-density hashtags without a clear goal in mind will bury your content in the sea of images and videos. However, using only unpopular, low-density hashtags won’t help you find your content either.

Mix high- and low-density hashtags for the best results.


There are various reasons why brands utilize these hashtags. Brands can utilise them to raise brand awareness, whether they’re seeking for an engaging marketing campaign or an online presence.

Make sure you utilise the appropriate hashtags to connect with your target audience because the goal of any marketing campaign is to gain as much exposure as possible.

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