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Are you searching for fresh methods to use Instagram to find new customers? Interested in learning how to make movies that pique people’s interest in your company?

This article will provide you with 11 top-of-funnel video ideas for Instagram that can help you generate more quality leads.

The e-commerce industry is booming. However, it only accounts for 14% of overall retail income (as of 2019). 

That implies there is a lot of market share available for firms to take advantage of. However, simply beginning a business does not guarantee that you will make money. 

To entice customers and boost sales, you’ll need to develop a solid digital marketing strategy. This is where the use of social media marketing comes into play.

Social media marketing is a content marketing strategy that distributes material to clients’ preferred social media channels. social media content ideas to keep your followers interested and attract new people to your account. 

Instagram is a significant social media platform in this regard. And we’re here to give you everything you need to know about Instagram video marketing.

Why Should You Use Instagram Video Marketing?

If it isn’t already, Instagram video marketing should be a part of your strategy. But what’s the point of Instagram, and what’s the point of videos? 

Instagram is a great place to promote your business, and videos are more compelling than any other piece of media.

It’s worth noting that Instagram has over a billion active users and has a huge influence on people’s purchasing decisions. 

Why should you use Instagram video marketing
Why should you use Instagram video marketing

In fact, according to a Retail Dive poll, 72 percent of respondents said they bought things after seeing them on Instagram.

On Instagram, people enjoy watching videos. According to an Animo-to poll, Instagram users perceive videos to be the most popular sort of brand material. 

According to a Quinty study, videos on Instagram generate up to 21% more engagements than photos.

What’s more intriguing is that, with the exception of Pinterest, the average order value from Instagram is higher than all other social media platforms. 

As a result, if you want to improve your sales, you can’t afford to neglect this channel.

What to Remember When Creating Instagram Video Content for the Top of the Funnel

If customer acquisition and revenue generation are your primary Instagram marketing goals, you may want to share a lot of bottom-of-funnel material.

That means you might see a lot of shoppable posts, powerful calls to action (CTAs), and limited-time deals on your feed.

Instagram Video Content
Instagram Video Content

Instagram content that focuses on sales can be really beneficial in achieving your marketing objectives. 

However, you’ll need a continual influx of fresh prospects to keep converting clients. New prospects, especially those who are still investigating or window-shopping, are more likely to respond to non-salesy information.

The @studioakiyo Instagram clip below, for example, gives viewers a brief tour of the brand’s neutral-toned candle collection. 

The movie switches between moving across shelves and showcasing closeups of hallmark products at a quick speed that keeps viewers interested.

There is no call to action or sales pitch in the caption. However, it encourages people to communicate their fondness for neutral tones, which creates a lot of good feedback.

Here are some things to consider when making Top-of-Funnel Video Content on Instagram

Be true to yourself : 

Prospects from TOFU are learning about your company for the first time. Give them a cause to follow your account by demonstrating what your company is all about.

Keep it simple :

A 20-step guide isn’t appropriate for people at the top of the funnel. Tease your products, but reserve the meat of your material for the middle of the funnel.

Make up a story :

A compelling story can help you capture the attention of a new audience. People will return for additional content and eventually sales if you tell a good story.

Make it short :  

Instagram plans to centre the platform around short-form video by 2022. That means videos should be kept to 60 seconds or fewer.

Remember that Instagram has several video positions while you brainstorm TOFU material. Plan to use all sorts of Instagram video Ideas to reach your target audience throughout the platform:

Feed :

videos look excellent without Instagram’s native editing tools and are best for square and landscape formats.

Reels :

Text overlays, music, and effects can all be included in short-form reels. Reels can appear in the feed as well as on their own tab, providing them more opportunities to provide value.

Top Funnel video content on instagram
Top Funnel video content on instagram


Stories can feature interactive stickers and links, making them ideal for sharing short tidbits or weaving together various clips.

Lives : 

Instagram Lives are a great way to communicate with your audience, and they can also appear on your page after the event is over.

You have a lot of possibilities for creating awareness with video, from feed posts to Instagram lives. Here are 11 Instagram video ideas for TOFU.

11 Instagram video content ideas for TOFU.

1. Change your profile to a professional one.

Before you consider an Instagram video marketing approach, make sure you have an Instagram business account. A business profile has a lot of advantages. 

Followers can contact you directly from your Instagram page by clicking the contact button. They do something similar on your website. 

You may quickly develop and post Instagram ads without utilising Facebook’s advertising tools if you have a business profile. Insights, Instagram’s analytics tool, is also accessible.

 It provides useful information on the impressions and reach of your postings.

You may use Insights to track analytics and better understand your audience once you’ve created a business profile.

2. Use Instagram Insights : 

Instagram business profiles are similar to Facebook business profiles. Through Insights, they provide access to statistics like impressions and engagement data. 

You can also learn about the demographics of your followers, such as their location, age, gender, and most active hours.

These observations aren’t universal. You can get particular information on the performance of your posts. These include details such as how many impressions your posts received over time and which ones were the most popular. 

3. Introduce Your brand

A video is an excellent way to introduce your company to potential clients. You can show off what you sell, where your team works, or what you’ve accomplished to let people get to know your company.

Introduce your brand
Introduce your brand

The key is to keep the video short, especially if you have a lot of products or a big narrative. You can edit a lengthier film into many segments to keep people interested and watching. You can also try compressing or speeding up footage.

@thecrochetstories’ reel capitalises on the “present your tiny company in 7 seconds” trend. It effectively exposes the artist’s business by showcasing split-second clips of a variety of crochet products. 

Although the reel neatly highlights the artist’s spectrum, it creates a captivating montage that keeps spectators engaged.

4: showcase Your Brand’s Core Values | Instagram video Ideas

Products and services are only a small part of what many businesses are all about. Fortunately, video also provides an unrivalled opportunity to demonstrate your company’s beliefs and mission.

You can use a mini-documentary–style film or a brief interview with the CEO to demonstrate values in a traditional way. You can, however, make a video that is short, sweet, and entirely on-brand.

Showcase your brands core values
Showcase your brands core values

The @kencko Instagram video below encapsulates one of the brand’s core values: openness, in only 10 seconds. The company utilises a magnifying glass to show what’s inside a standard package to explain this concept.

The magnifying glass exposes “fruits, veggies, seeds, and spices,” which are the only ingredients in the brand’s smoothies, according to the description. “That’s a promise,” the caption concludes, reiterating the brand’s commitment to transparency.

5. Showcase Your Production Process | Instagram video Ideas

Highlighting a product is a terrific approach to enhance awareness of a specific item, whether you’re releasing a new item or want to attract attention to an old favourite. Instead of showcasing the finished product, consider how you might take your audience behind the scenes in a unique way.

You can give viewers a unique glimpse into your business by showing them how you create something. In many circumstances, your video content can help people appreciate your process or what you’ve accomplished in a whole new way.

@madebyaprillynn encourages viewers to “Make a glass cup with me” in the Instagram reel below. The movie reveals how the inventor creates a popular product in less than 10 seconds.

 Despite the sped-up footage and quick cuts, it’s clear how much effort goes into each product.

6. Motivate people to try new things with your product.

In many circumstances, your target audience already knows how to utilise your products, particularly if they are frequently used or your company is well-known. So, how can you get people’s attention and keep your company on their minds?

Showing consumers new ways to utilise your products is a terrific method to get them to think outside the box. 

Motivate people to try new things with your product.
Motivate people to try new things with your product.

This strategy can also be used to demonstrate to followers how they can obtain more value from your items and encourage them to try something new.

@mccormickspice highlights four unique ways to use vanilla extract in the Instagram reel below. The film is made up of small snippets that demonstrate how to use the flavouring in everyday drinks, meals, and snacks.

The film concludes by inviting viewers to participate and discuss their favourite ways to use vanilla extract. Viewers contribute their own ways for using the natural flavour to enhance recipes in dozens of comments.

7. Provide viewers with a tutorial or DIY advice | Instagram video Ideas

Getting people to think about utilising your products by inspiring them to be creative is a terrific method to get them to think about it. However, you can expand on this concept by illustrating a step-by-step procedure. 

You may move prospects closer to conversion by showing them how to perform something.

Provide viewers with a tutorial or DIY advice
Provide viewers with a tutorial or DIY advice

Keep your how-to information simple in order to appeal to TOFU viewers. Demonstrate how to streamline a fundamental procedure rather than telling them how to execute a high-level task.

Time-saving hacks can be very effective, especially if they are brief and to-the-point.

The @misfitsmarket Instagram reel below, for example, shows two simple ways to prepare peppers for cooking.

 Instead of using long shots to record the entire process, the reel uses brief clips of each step to keep viewers engaged throughout the 45-second film.

This reel, like many TOFU videos, lacks a CTA in the caption. However, after seeing the movie, viewers will have a better grasp of how to prepare the brand’s product, making them more likely to contemplate making a purchase.

8.  Make a Product Launch Announcement

Even if your company already has a strong brand, a TOFU strategy is critical for raising awareness of new items. Giving prospects a first peek or demonstrating your product in action is easy with Instagram video.

Make a product launch Announcement
Make a product launch Announcement

You may show potential clients how your new product works or provide styling suggestions using Instagram Reels. You may boost reach, develop interest over time, and keep your new product top of mind by generating many short-form movies.

The @everlane Instagram film below, for example, presents a new denim design. The film stimulates interest in the jeans in under 5 seconds by showcasing how they fit and showing them in motion.

9. Create sponsored advertisements | Instagram video Ideas

Instagram has made advertising on the platform simple. You can make a budget for yourself.

You have complete control over the amount of money you spend on advertisements. You can utilise the carousel option to show one or more sponsored video adverts. 

Create a sponsored advertisements
Create a sponsored advertisements

This allows marketers to reach out to their customers in a whole new way. Brands may now promote to everyone who fits their target audience through sponsored posts, thereby expanding their reach.

10.  Give a brief overview of your entire product line.

If your company only introduces new things once a season, promoting specific product introductions is an effective way to raise awareness.

 A product tour, on the other hand, may be more entertaining for your audience if you’re continuously bringing in new goods.

Give a brief overview of your entire product line
Give a brief overview of your entire product line

You can present numerous things in a single movie and unveil themes with a product tour. You may also demonstrate how items function together or show clients how to use specific products.

The @stickyricesisters Instagram video below features various new washi tape goods, with closeups of several of them so viewers can see the finer points. Product tags are included in the feed video, allowing viewers to tap to shop many of the advertised items.

11. Share Instagram Stories with your followers

Using Instagram Stories is one of the most effective Instagram marketing strategies for businesses. You may effectively place yourself in front of your audience and generate leads by publishing short promotional films on Stories.

Share instagram stories with your followers
Share instagram stories with your followers

Insta Stories are displayed in a slideshow format, which distinguishes them from standard Instagram posts. 

They’re also checked frequently because they’re at the top of users’ timelines. This raises the likelihood of being detected.

Conclusion : 

As Instagram continues to grow and change as a marketing platform, it’s more important than ever for businesses to build effective Instagram marketing strategies. 

And that means knowing everything there is to know about Instagram marketing and being able to prove what works and what doesn’t.

At the end of the day, businesses of all kinds have a lot to gain from being on Instagram, whether it’s growing an engaged community, reaching new customers, or even selling online. Just put in a little work!

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