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The average Facebook user spends more than half an hour a day on the site, and the company is definitely making money off of you!

($117 billion in revenue in 2021!)

With over 2.8 billion members, a robust advertising platform, and a popular peer-to-peer marketplace, there are plenty of ways to make money on Facebook.

In this post, I’ll explore some tried and true ways to turn social networking into a time-to-money machine.

Importance Of Facebook

Its role has evolved from a network for friends to share personal information to a way for people to share, recommend and connect all kinds of information, including news.

Important of facebook

If news searching was the most important development of the last decade, news sharing may be the most important in the days ahead.

Strategy to Earn From Facebook

Facebook is all about connecting with other people, so our goal is to get as many likes, group members, or friends as we can.

You can make more money the more people you know on Facebook. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Make a tonne of new friends :

If you don’t already have one, create a Facebook profile first. Include a fantastic cover photo that captures your individuality.

Add all the necessary details to your Facebook profile, including the “about” section, to make it look professional.

Make friends right away. Chat. Post interesting content. Always respond to messages and comments. Up till you reach 5000, keep adding pals. The cap is 5000. No more can be added.

2. Make a Facebook page and get many likes :

Select the topic that will be the main emphasis of your page first.

Your Facebook page’s niche or topic is crucial and affects how much money you make there. Therefore, pick it wisely.

Although talking about things like insurance, mortgages, health care, and technology might not sound engaging, you will have a lot of products to advertise with a high commission in these categories.

On the other hand, although you won’t have much to do with them, pages that share humor, jokes, and viral photographs are entertaining.

When you get a fantastic idea for a topic, do the following:

  • Make a page with a catchy title. An advantage would be a name that is appealing and distinctive.
  • Upload a fantastic cover photo and a profile picture that fits your theme or specialization.
  • Give the about section all the information it needs.
  • Ask friends to share your page on their walls and invite all of their friends to like your page.
  • Put up quality stuff. Share the most likely-to-go-viral images, videos, and news stories (that are pertinent to your niche or topic). Keep doing it consistently. Your goal should be to receive at least 10,000 likes.

3. Make a Facebook group and invite a lot of people to join it :

Use these steps to make a good Facebook group :

  • Make a public group on Facebook and add your friends to it.
  • Ask your friends to share the group with their friends.
  • You must monitor user posts to maintain quality and prevent spam. Change the group setting. Click “Save” after checking “Post Approval.” No post appears until you approve it.
  • Post interesting things that have to do with the group’s topic. Don’t stop doing it often. You have to put in as many people as possible.

4. Encourage participation :

Social proof that you’re not just some random person on the internet can be found in the eager anticipation of your followers for your content.

If others believe in you, a potential customer or buyer might as well. For people to buy what you’re selling, they must trust you.

For this, Facebook groups are especially helpful. It shows that you are receptive, truthful, and helpful if you respond to queries, host interactive Facebook Live seminars, or even initiate conversations.

You can establish trust and a connection with your audience by doing that.

5. Gain sales skills :

The last step is persuading your audience to accept your offer now that they are open to it.

What appeals to one audience well may be overly forceful for another. Knowing who you’re speaking to is advantageous in this situation.

Your marketing and sales strategies will be more successful if you are aware of their hopes, worries, and the terminology they use to explain their issues.

To find out what’s working for them, it pays to network with other business owners.

How To Earn Money From Facebook

1. Sell product on facebook

For those who want to use Facebook as a platform to earn money, there is a great feature to use a tab called ‘Offer’ which is featured by selling products.

 You have to put your product link in the ‘Offer’ tab and give the coupon code for buyers to apply the discount on the product

 You can also avail some other attractive offers like buy one get one or buy 2 get extra 10% discount. Also, promote your discount offer with paid Facebook ads.

sell product on facebook
sell product on facebook

An affiliate link from any e-commerce site can also be used along with adding a coupon code.

For every product purchase, you will earn money through affiliates.

You can also put paid links on Facebook as an online merchant like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Snapdeal, or as a commission agent provider whichever suits you best.

2. Affiliate marketing on facebook

When you have a lot of followers on your Facebook page, you can place one or two affiliate marketing links per day on the group.

Affiliate marketing works in a way that you get a percentage of the price of the product.

Affiliate marketing on facebook
Affiliate marketing on facebook

When anyone buys a product through your link, a certain percentage goes into your account.

Some affiliate marketing can see you earn up to 50% on sales.

Examples of businesses to register are eBay, Commission Junction, Amazon Associate, ClickBank, and She A Sell.

3. Make money through facebook advertising

Managing Facebook ads is a great complementary skill to building Messenger bots.

You can create ads that click on messenger, video ads, or various other types that generate leads for online businesses.

Make money through facebook advertising
Make money through facebook advertising

Ad management includes setup, creation, execution, and analysis.

When done well, managing Facebook ads can earn you monthly income from clients and enable you to grow your business by performing this one activity.

4. Create facebook content

You can create digital content with Facebook that can be further sold through various apps like 22Social and many others.

Content that can be sold includes audio, videos and PDF files.

If you want to monetize your content using any social media platform like 22Social or any other, you can provide and link an excellent online tutorial.

Create facebook content
Create facebook content

 To create this type of Facebook content, you need a Facebook Page, a verified PayPal account, a 22Social account, and an account for digital hosting including YouTube, Google Drive, Vimeo, Dropbox, and SoundCloud. Must have.

5. Start facebook marketing through influencing & advertisement

The more followers you have, the more businesses and digital marketers will approach you for paid advertising. 

All you have to do is post the product on your page, and start earning money.


FB marketing through influencer and ads
FB marketing through influencer and ads

Generally, the more followers or likes your page has, the more money they will offer you.

6. Get people to pay you for sponsored likes & shares

Nowadays people want to get lots of likes and shares on their posts or videos. 

With your large customer base, you can easily help them achieve this by posting the link on your group.

The more likes you can give, the more money you get.

7. Publish videos on facebook

Facebook video is very similar to YouTube.

You can create a video for your business and host on Facebook and get paid for ad sales when people watch your video.

Publish video on facebook

Facebook offers 55% of the revenue to the video creator and keeps 45%.

8. Sell your personal product on facebook

This is basic marketing. The more followers you have, the more people you can reach, the more chance you have of selling your product.

sell your personal product on facebook
sell your personal product on facebook

You can also open a Facebook store and run it as an e-commerce (keep in mind that you need a certain level of expertise for e-commerce Facebook sites).

9. Sell your facebook page

As strange as it sounds, people grow Facebook groups and pages just to sell them to the highest bidder.

You can also do this or distribute your account if all other monetization channels don’t work.

sell your facebook page
sell your facebook page

Though, we confirm that you keep trying as it takes a lot of time and patience. You cannot start making money in a day.

10. Influencer marketing on facebook

Many brands struggle to generate the numbers necessary to monetize Facebook. 

In this situation, it is common for businesses to turn to influencers for help.

Influencers have done the hard implant of building a following. Anyone who is influential on Facebook now started “Facebook Nobody”.

Influencer marketing on facebook
Influencer marketing on facebook

However, they have taken the time to establish themselves in a niche, and have taken the necessary steps to build authority and trust, and hence the following.

They know they can enter into partnerships with brands, spreading the brands’ messages in ways that would otherwise be impossible for brands.

The most important requirement is that the brand is relevant to the influencer’s followers.

Influencers can provide sponsored content to their fans. They can also work directly by sharing affiliate links.


If you start today, with due diligence and by following all the tips in this article, you can start making money from Facebook in no time.

Many people have done it, and are still doing it.

It depends on if  you are interested or not.

But again, who is not interested in passive income from Facebook without any investment?

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